Map remote servers as
local virtual drives via SFTP

  •   Free for personal use
  •   Commercial licenses available
  •   Easy to install and use
  •   Developed by security experts
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How It Works

Securely Access Remote Drives as Virtual Folders

Use SFTP to access remote disks over the Web and map them to local drive letters on your machine.

    Connect to Your Server
  • Connect to a remote disk, such as a Web server, with a password, security key, or both.
  • Use SFTP protocol to ensure security.
  • Save and manage multiple connection profiles.
    Work with Your Files
  • Work with a remote file system as if it were a local disk drive.
  • Upload and download files via your favorite file manager, such as Windows Explorer.
  • Supports all common directory and file operations such as move, copy, and rename in both Windows UI and the command line.
SFTP Net Drive is full-featured and completely FREE for personal use, but each free installation must be registered. Licenses are available for commercial use. Please, contact us for a quote.

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For more than 20 years, /n software has been a leading provider of cross-platform software components for communication, security, and e-business development. We are committed to providing enterprise-class tools and components enabling developers to rapidly build robust Internet-enabled Web and desktop applications. Software developers for nearly every Fortune 500 and Global 2000 company worldwide use our products to build powerfully connected applications.

In July 2016, we acquired EldoS Corporation, the original makers of SFTP Net Drive. The combination of the two companies will enable us to provide the most reliable and secure components as well as the best service in the industry. Lean more about us at

Why We Made SFTP Net Drive FREE for Personal Use

Our mission is to continue to be the most trusted source for communications and security software, and SFTP Net Drive is an example of that commitment. Free software can sometimes be insecure and dangerous for many reasons, from developer inexperience, lack of skill in security, to malicious intent. Like all of our products, SFTP Net Drive is built with security as a priority. We want to make sure you are using the safest software possible and making it free removes price as a factor in your decision.

Key Features

Install and Connect

Using SFTP Net Drive is simple. All you need to do is download and install the small application and specify connection parameters. The entire process from download to connection will only take minutes. Advanced operations are also conveniently available for more complex scenarios. An overview of primary concepts follows and you can read the full documentation here.

Convenient Connection Settings

Common connection settings are available on the main screen as soon as you open SFTP Net Drive. In most cases, you will enter the server address, user, and password and connect. You can also choose from three authentication types: Password, Key-based, or both.

Multiple Authentication Types

As mentioned above, you can use password authentication, key-based authentication, or both. Once you select the authentication type, the corresponding fields will be enabled. If you choose to use a key, you have these choices:

  • Authentication agent: Both PuTTY Agent and SSH-Agent are supported.
  • Load from file.
  • Security Token or Smart Card.

Multiple Profiles

You can keep several profiles for different users and servers. Each profile saves connection credentials and any settings you have specified.

Advanced Settings and Command Line Support

Many advanced settings to configure the way you connect to your server are available. These options are conveniently saved with the profile or you can specify them when using SFTP Net Drive from the command line. All are well documented.

PowerShell Server

Add a FREE SFTP Server for a Complete Solution

PowerShell Server can be used to easily add secure file transfer (SFTP server) capabilities to Windows. PowerShell Server is a SFTP Server which works out of the box with minimal configuration. For advanced scenarios, control over items such as algorithms and authentication methods are supported. You can also extend functionality through custom scripts. Just like SFTP Net Drive, PowerShell Server is FREE for Personal Use. Use it with SFTP Net Drive for a complete client/server solution.

Visit the PowerShell Server Website